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In 2004, 66% of all CA registered sex offenders were in the community, 17% were incarcerated, 13% were out of state and 3% were deported.


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"Our response to a threatening situation should be based on an assessment of our needs, external circumstances, perceived threat and our relationship with the other person."

My Strength Prevention Program

The My Strength Campaign was developed by Men Can Stop Rape, a nonprofit organization in Washington DC. The campaign revolves around the theme "My Strength is Not for Hurting" and encourages young men to take action to end sexual violence and to build healthy relationships.  My Strength campaign focuses on the positive aspects of strength and masculinity.

The Monterey County Rape Crisis Center, we provide the MY STRENGTH Campaign as extension of our existing Rape Prevention Education (RPE) Program. Targeting males between the ages of 14 and 18, the campaign is designed to raise awareness of sexual violence among youth and highlight the vital role that young men can play in fostering healthy, safe relationships.

MyStrength promotes:

  • Male positive, non-violent message
  • Challenges traditional masculine role
  • Positive alternative stereotypical dominant male role presented currently in the media
  • Discussion regarding healthy dating relationships, personal boundaries and issues of respect

Ultimately the goal of this club is to promote a “strength of character” rather than strength for intimidation, force, or violence.  Preparing a tool box of skills young men can draw from, practiced in a safe environment where mistakes can be made allows for them to be more easily avoided and provides a greater likelihood that young men will stand up and speak out against sexual violence when presented with an opportunity to do so.

Currently, you can find MY STRENGTH clubs at Salinas High School, Pacific Grove High School along with Marina High School.

For more information on the MY STRENGTH program contact:
Carl Mucha at  (831) 771-0411 carl@mtryrapecrisis.org


With funding from the California Department of Health and Human Services, our statewide coalition, the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), developed a partnership with Men Can Stop Rape to bring the campaign to California.  Locally, the United Way of Monterey County also helps make this program possible.

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Posters and radio ads are available at My Strength.
Visit the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA).