Human Trafficking

  • Agricultural workers

24 HOUR HELPLINE: (831) 375-4357 • (831) 424-4357

Human trafficking happens here in Monterey County. Ending human trafficking takes an integrated and collaborative approach. MCRCC is proud to be a part of the Coalition to End Human Trafficking in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Through continued collaboration and community support, MCRCC provides diverse advocacy services to survivors of human trafficking of all ages.

An essential part of serving survivors is educating the community about how to identify and respond to human trafficking. MCRCC offers outreach and training to nonprofits, social services organizations, religious communities, and businesses about human trafficking and how to respond. Professionals working at hotels and hospitality, trucking and transportation, medical, and agricultural businesses may come into contact human trafficking on a regular basis. Therefore, MCRCC offers specific training to professionals in these industries.

For more information about the work that MCRCC is doing to end human trafficking, please contact us and ask for the Human Trafficking program staff.

Download human trafficking info flyer: