Seeing an old friend in a new way (SAAM)

   April 6, 2020

by Carl Mucha, Prevention Educator

Right now the world is facing a lot of challenges. Things are changing so quickly, it's easy to understand if people feel their world is being turned upside down and that they have so little control. People are losing jobs, families have lost loved ones, people could be feeling alone and all people, to some degree, are feeling scared.  Interesting enough, those are but a minutiae portion of feelings some people experience as a result of being sexually assaulted. I say this not to compare the two as equal, only to point out that both require everyone's efforts if keeping our communities safe is truly our priority.    

The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and although many things have changed right now, our focus and goal to raise awareness and do our part in preventing sexual violence remains. 

Typically during SAAM our Prevention Team hosts a variety of awareness raising activities  at our school sites. These activities bring light to the cause we champion and provide the platform for students to raise up and take their place, by planning and leading these activities. 

COVID -19 has created several challenges for us as prevention educators: How do we stay connected? Exactly how can we create the discussions that are so needed to raise the awareness, and to put an end to SV in the community? Preventionists everywhere are asking the same questions!

As a prevention team we have decided to create a series of videos that will be posted to our agency YouTube channel

We’re looking forward to connecting with youth and the community at large through this medium and eager to see where it takes us! From staff introductions to ways to cope to perhaps even highlights from our youth, we will stay connected and continue preventing sexual violence.